“OFFICINA MASTER” Company was born in 1987 in Prato, a very important worldwide textile center, for the production on machines for the finishing textile sector.

The first manufacturing were executed in a small workshop and they were designed for the local market only. As years go by, the Company has matured and perfected a much more capillary knowledge of the sector which brought it to a remarkable growth.

Some years ago, the Company moved to new offices, occupying about 1.000 msq, employing 15 people including, mechanics, technicians, sales office, administrative office, technical office using innovative CAD projecting systems.

The Company is very active and dynamic and gradually, from a local production it has extended to an international level, exporting in several countries.

Our feature is the flexibility in realizing customized machines for any demand.

The Company takes care of projecting, realizing, installing and starting up nearby the final user in order to supply anything with a turnkey option.