OFFICINA MASTER presents the maxi Steamer

Prato, novembre 2018 – OFFICINA MASTER is proud to present the maxi Steamer, installed in the state of New York.
The machine is part of a production line that includes a washing range and a drying range. Its special feature is the extraordinary working width. The width of almost 4000 mm is in fact an exceptional characteristic, since it is the double of the usual dimensions of a standard Steamer. OFFICINA MASTER was able to respond to a special request, managing expertly and efficiently a series of structural problems deriving from the size of the machine.
Another peculiarity of the Steamer is the suction hood lifting system, typical of OFFICINA MASTER productions. Each suction hood of the exhaust steam is provided with an electro-mechanical lifting system with screws and angle heads located at the four corners, which allow the raising of the hood by about 500mm from the conveyor belt, for easy cleaning and control of the underlying steaming tank.
Once again, OFFICINA MASTER has been able to create a customized machine of high technical-constructive complexity, responding to a very particular need of the customer, becoming the ideal partner for an ambitious and unique project of its kind.