The machine is used to inspect and roll up the fabric. The inspection table is incline in a fix or adjustable position, it is equipped with top lights and it can have backlight and darkening shutter. The fabric feeding can be from plait, big roll, small roll or “J-box” to work in line with other machines. The fabric is rolled up on two cylinders having differentiated speed in order to set the compactness of the roll without any tensions. The rolling cylinders are located on a mobile frame that guarantees the selvedges alignment, and it can be located in front of or behind the operator.

    A simplified model without inspection table is available for the fabric roll reconditioning and the measurement of its length.

      The “Tensionless” version is particularly suitable for knit and stretch fabrics. Indeed, the inspection table is equipped with a motorized conveyor belt with a special path that allows the fabric passage on a surface with backlight, with minimum tension.

      Upon request, the machine can be equipped with:

      • Stitching detector for automatic stop
      • Cutting device for the transversal cut of the fabric
      • Meter-counter
      • Electronic weighing system with label printer