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The machine is used to dry and thermofixing several kinds of fabrics as knitwear, sponge, furnishing etc.

It is composed by three main sectors:

  1. Divergent field
  2. Heating group with parallel section to stabilize the fabric
  3. Discharge group.

The heating system is composed by several modular groups, its number change depending on the needs of work.

The main features of the machines are:

  • General overfeed in entrance with two motor driven rollers (upper and lower)
  • Lateral overfeed in entrance, chain with motorization of the rubberized belt for conveyor above the fabric and neutral for contrast rubberized cylinder.
  • Chain with stainless steel pins and fabric holder plates
  • Drying furnace with forced hot air through fans. The heating system can be with gas, oil, steam.
  • Channels in drilled sheet designed to have an uniform jet of the air on the fabric
  • Exhausting group
  • Cooling group for fabrics, through forced hot air having room temperature
  • Discharging fabric unit with formation of plait, small roll, big roll or non stop roller for the formation of small rolls.

On request the machine can be supplied with:

  • Vaporizing group in entrance
  • Selvedge gumming and cutting system.