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The machine is used for the drying and heat setting of every kind of fabric. It is composed of three main sections:

  1. Feeding group with conical field
  2. Heating group with parallel field and modular chambers
  3. Exit group

As the fabric passes through the machine sections, two chains constantly hold it. In the conical field, two cylinders perform the general overfeeding and two lateral rubberized wheels with independent motors with adjustable speed perform the lateral overfeeding. In the parallel field, the hot air drying chambers dry the fabric and, after that, a cooling unit with forced air brings it to room temperature. Lastly, the fabric is detached from the chain with minimal tension and then rolled up in small roll or big roll or plaited.

The heating system can be by gas, steam or oil.
The length of the drying section may vary according to the needs, with No.5 chambers maximum.

The main technical features of the machine are:

  • General overfeeding with No.2 motor-driven rollers
  • Lateral overfeeding on the chain with motor-driven rubber conveyor belts placed under the fabric and rubberized contrast roller without motorization
  • Vertical chain with stainless steel pins and fabric holder plates
  • Hot air drying chambers with fans with adjustable speed by means of Inverter. The heating system can be by gas, oil, steam
  • Channels made up of perforated metal sheet designed for an uniform air jet on the fabric
  • Exhaust group with adjustable speed by means of Inverter
  • Cooling unit with room temperature air
  • Fabric output to plait, big roll or small roll

Upon request, the machine can be equipped with:

  • Steaming group at the entry
  • Selvedge gumming and cutting system