Sperotto-Officina-Master-Equalizing-Decatizing-machine (1)
Sperotto-Officina-Master-Equalizing-Decatizing-machine (2)Sperotto-Officina-Master-Equalizing-Decatizing-machine (3)Sperotto-Officina-Master-Equalizing-Decatizing-machine (4)Sperotto-Officina-Master-Equalizing-Decatizing-machine (5)Sperotto-Officina-Master-Equalizing-Decatizing-machine (6)Sperotto-Officina-Master-Equalizing-Decatizing-machine (7)

Continuous Decatizing machine + Equalizing machine + No-stop winding

Decatizer Make: SPEROTTO
Equalizing and Rolling machine Make: OFFICINA MASTER
Possible Materials: Various kind of fabric, included knitted and elasticated fabrics
Year of construction: Decatizer as new, completely reconditioned
Equalizing and Rolling machine: new
Working width: 2100 mm
Min. fabric width: 800 mm
Conic field length: 1500 mm
Parallel field length: 500 mm
Chain type: vertical pin chain, lubrication-free
Fabric speed: up to 40 mt/min.
Equalizer general overfeeding: from -10% to +40% than the chain speed
Equalizer lateral overfeeding: from 0 to +40% than the chain speed
Heating system: steam
Steam pressure: 6bar
Power installed: 20 kW ~
Input voltage: 400 V / 50 Hz

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