The machine is used to dry textile products as loose fibers, hanks and fabric.

It is realized by a modular metal frame, upholstered with cohibented panels having high insulation efficience.

His characteristics allows a remarkable energy saving for thermic heating dispersion.

Inside the frame runs a conveyor where the material to dry is placed on.

The conveyor is composed by a series of drilled slats in steel, laterally moved by two chains in steel. The rotation control of the conveyor is realized by a motorgearbox drived by Inverter.
The drying system is realized by a continuous air flow, blown on the material to dry by a fan, thorugh a series of steel channels. The air is heated through a series of batteries which may be oil or steam fed, depending on the request.

The temperature inside the drying unit is kept constant through a thermoregulator, connected to a pneumatic valve which automatically controls the steam or oil flow inside the heating batteries.
The hot air flow which crosses the material to dry is recovered and put again for recycling. This characteristics allows a remarkable energetic saving. The control of the fan which sets the quantity of air circulating, is done by Inverter.

The combination of the speed of air in circulation with the speed of the conveyor where the material is palced on, defines the production of the machine.
The exhausted air, produced during the drying process, is recovered through a fan to be sent off at the external of the drying unit.
The machine is supplied complete of general control panel and electric plant on board.

The length of the machine is variable depending the number of the modular drying unit installed. The length of each unit is 3.200 mm.