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This is an indispensable machine in the fabric finishing sector.

It is used to bring all types of fabric including knits, elasticated, sponge, furnishing, etc. to the right width and in continuous way giving them a high quality appearance with possibility of drying process.

The machine may also be used to dry fabrics assuming the characteristic of a little stenter.

The main characteristics are:

  • General overfeeding at the entrance with two motorized cylinders (inferior and superior)
  • Lateral overfeeding at the entrance, chain having the motorisation of the rubberized belt of the conveyor above the fabric and neutral for contrast rubberized cylinder.
  • High temperature vapour tunnel for the slackening of the fibers giving it the softness necessary in order to raise it to the required width. Anti-condensation device.
  • Hood with exhausting device and dripping vapour recovery system device.
  • Forced hot air drying unit through fans. Heating system can be through gas, oil or steam.
  • Cooling zone for fabrics through forced air with ambient temperature
  • Tilted output for fabric and rolling through two motorized cylinders driven singularly by Inverters. This characteristic allows adjust the density of the roll in formation
  • Output of the fabric with formation of small roll, plaiter or big roll.

On request the machine can be supplied with:

  • Selvedge gumming and cutting system.
  • Cutting machine for the transversal cut of the fabric at the end of the roll
  • Meter-counter
  • Electronic weighting system with label printer