2 – LEDA


The line is innovative because it combines three different machines in one single production step:

– Equalizing machine
– Decatizing machine
– Rolling machine

The main advantages deriving are:
– the energy saving
– a remarkable reduction of processing times and personnel
– a considerable reduction of the overall dimensions.

The fabric feeding can be from plait or big roll. The Equalizing group equalizes the weft of every kind of fabric, preparing it to the following phase. The Decatizing group squeezes and vaporizes the fabric, giving a compact and silky touch and stabilizing the dimensions. The Rolling group collects and rolls up the fabric coming from the Decatizer. Moreover, a non-stop system allows a continuous working process without tension: a conveyor belt stocks the fabric in form of little plaits, and guarantees enough time for the operator to discharge the finished roll.

Upon request, the machine can be equipped with:

  • Cutting device for the transversal cut at the end of the fabric roll
  • Meter-counter
  • Electronic weighing system with label printer

The machine can be supplied in several layouts, from the simple Decatizer to the most complex line.