Mercury WS


The machine rolls up the fabric and, at the same time, it equalizes the width and performs the action of a Weft Straightener in one single passage.

The fabric runs through a transport system with pin chains divided into two processing sections: the conical field, where the fabric is pinned on the selvedges and raised to the desired width, and the parallel field, where the fabric is stabilized and rolled up on cardboard tube.

At the entry, two selvedges detectors control the edges of the fabric guiding them on the chain. At the exit, the fabric is rolled up on two cylinders, which have differentiated speed in order to set the compactness of the roll without any tensions.

The machine has a unique feature: a series of scanners and the independent chains allow the correction of the diagonal distortions of the weft, while a bent cylinder allows the correction of the curved distortions. Furthermore, the brushless motors guarantee a perfect accuracy.
The fabric feeding can be from big roll, plait or in continuous with the machine upstream.

Upon request, the machine can be equipped with:

  • Inspection table at the entry
  • Steaming bowl
  • Stitching detector for automatic stop
  • Cutting device for the transversal cut at the end of the fabric roll
  • Meter-counter
  • Electronic weighing system with label printer