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This innovative and particular machine has the feature combining in just one passage two important processing steps:

  1. Equalizing treatment in normal cycle
  2. Inspection of fabric prior to rolling, while remaining in the chain

The main feature of this machine than an equalizing machine with the same dimensions for length, is to have 3 mt more of route of fabric giving it more dimensional stability.

In addition it is equipped of a inspection table with internal lamps for the checking of the fabric.

It is perfectly proper to work several kind of fabrics including knitwear.

The main features are:

  • General overfeed in entrance with two motor driven rollers (inferior and superior)
  • Lateral overfeed in entrance, chain with motorization of the rubberized belt for conveyor above the fabric and neutral for contrast rubberized cylinder
  • Steaming bowls featuring energy savings with elimination of the discharge of condensations
  • Hood with exhaust fan and dripping steam recovery system
  • Drying group with fans with adjustable speed through Inverter. When the machine is stopped the sense of rotation of the fans is reversed to avoid the overheating and the yellowing of the fabric
  • Inspection table with internal lamps
  • Rolling through two motorized cylinders, driven singularly by Inverter. This feature allows to set the density of the roll in formation.

On request the machine can be supplied with:

  • Cutting machine for the transversal cut of the fabric at the end of the roll
  • Meter-counter
  • Electronic weighting system with label printer.