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The machine combines the typology of a roller with conveyor chain with pins with an all kind of fabric inspection frame. The fabric, as big roll, plaite or small roll it is set in entrance from a dandy roll.

Later it runs through an intensive steam zone which slackens the fibers and eases the elimination of any creases and stitch marks. Through several suction conveyor belts, the fabric runs in front of a table inspection frame to be checked after it is discharged on a conveyor belt and to a rolling group. If it is needed to re-examine the flaw in order to identify it better, the machine can be stopped and the accumulated fabric on the conveyor belt can be rewound remaining stopped the transport of the pin chains.

The significant advantage of this machine is being able to inspect the fabric without any tensions and to roll it later through conveyor on pin chain equalizing the dimensions along the width.

The rolling is extremely precise and it is realized through two motorized cylinders moved singularly by Inverter. This feature allows to set the density of the roll in formation.

On request the machine can be supplied with:

  • Selvage trimming group
  • Meter-counter
  • Electronic weighting system with label printer.