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This patented machine has a special characteristic: the chain path develops vertically. It offers the same performance of a traditional Equalizing machine with two important advantages:

  1. Remarkable reduction of the overall dimensions
  2. Fabric inspection on a large surface before the rolling

These features are extremely important at a time where the space occupied by the machines is so precious and the quality of the fabric control is an essential prerogative.

The machine is perfect to treat several kinds of fabric including knit.

The main technical features of the machine are:

  • General overfeeding with No.2 motor-driven rollers
  • Lateral overfeeding on the chain with motor-driven rubber conveyor belts placed under the fabric and rubberized contrast roller without motorization
  • Energy-saving steaming bowls with anti-condensation system
  • Hood with exhaust fan with anti-dripping system
  • Drying unit with electric fans with variable and adjustable speed, reversed rotation with machine stopped to prevent overheating and yellowing of fabric
  • Inspection table with lights
  • Rolling on two motor-driven rollers with independent motor, with variable and adjustable speed, to set the compactness of the roll in formation

Upon request, the machine can be equipped with:

  • Cutting device for the transversal cut at the end of the fabric roll
  • Selvedge gumming with drying and cutting system
  • Meter-counter
  • Electronic weighing system with label printer