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The machine is used for the inspection and automatic rolling and packing of every kind of fabric. It is composed of the following main groups:

  • Inspection table
  • Rolling group on mobile frame
  • Cutting and wrapping group with plastic film.

The fabric feeding can be from plait, big roll or “J-box” to work in line with other machines. The operator inspects the fabric, which is then rolled up on a cardboard tube by means of two cylinders having different speed; this feature allows setting the compactness of the roll without any tensions. The rolling cylinders are located on a mobile frame that guarantees the selvedges alignment. An automatic slitter performs the transversal cut of the fabric. The packing is fully automatic, from the positioning of the cardboard tube to the wrapping of the fabric roll with a plastic film. This film is thermally welded throughout its length, while the lateral sealing is carried out by shrinking the plastic film by means of hot air blowers.

Upon request, the machine can be equipped with:

  • Selvedge cutting system
  • Meter-counter
  • Electronic weighing system with label printer
  • Automatic unloading system for packed rolls