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The machine is used for inspecting, rolling and packing several kind of fabrics.

It is mainly composed by the following units:

  • Inspecting group with light table
  • Rolling group on mobile truck to guarantee the alignment of the edge of the fabric
  • Cutting and packing group of the roll using plastic film.

The feeding system of the fabric can be through plaiter, big roll or J-Box in line with other machines.

The inspecting system is done by the operator. The fabric is rolled onto a cardboard tube through two cylinders having their different speed; this feature allows to set the compactness of the roll.

The packing, done in automatic cycle, is realized by binding with plastic film thermally welded in its length. The lateral closing is done through the shrinkage of the plastic film through hot air blowings.

On request the machine can be supplied with:

  • Meter-counter
  • Electronic weighting system with label printer
  • Automatic discharge system of the packed rolls
  • Selvage trimming group.