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The machine is used to obtain the natural shrinkage of any type of fabric and the swelling of the fibres by means of steam. The main action of the machine is to relax the textile fibres and ensure the shrinkage and dimensional stability of the fabric.

The fabric lays on a fiberglass net conveyor belt and runs through the machine sections. The first two sections of the path are the high temperature steaming tunnels, which are made out of stainless steel and equipped with anti-condensation units. Between the two sections, a device makes the belt vibrate to facilitate the relaxation and shrinkage of the fibres. As the fabric leaves the steaming tunnels, it passes through a drying section with adjustable forced hot air. Immediately after, a double cooling section halts the movement of the fibres (thermal shock). Both the drying section and the cooling section are located underneath the conveyor belt, in order to prevent the direct contact between the airflow and the right side of the fabric. The main features of this machine are the system for the raising of the anti-condensation hoods and the loosening of the conveyor belt that allow an easy cleaning and maintenance of the steam bowls and the conveyor belt. At the exit, the fabric can be plaited or dropped into a “J-box” for the following rolling in continuous.