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The machine is used to shrink any kind of fabric through the use of steam.

The main feature of the machine is to relax textile fibers and ensure the dimensional stability.

The fabric in entrance, as plaite, big or small roll, is overfed and spread on a perforated conveyor belt that carries it through the different working fields.

The first two sections of the treatment system are constituted by high temperature vaporizing tunnels, realized in stainless steel with anti-condensation units. Between the two sections there is a device that makes the belt vibrate to facilitate the relaxation and shrinkage of the fibers. At the output of the last steaming tunnel, anadjustable forced hot air drying group is installed. In the final part of the machine there is a double cooling field blocking the movement of the fibers (thermic shock).

Both the drying field and the cooling one are above the conveyor belt in order to avoid a direct contact between the air flows and the right side of the fabric.

The main feature of this machine is the hydro-pneumatic unit for raising of the anti-condensation hoods and the loosening of the conveyor belt which allow an easy and quick clean of the steam bowls and the conveyor belt.

The output of the fabric can be a plaiter, stand or J-Box for a following rolling in continuous.