teseoteseo schema



The machine is designed for the preparation of fabric for the different finishing processes, allowing a non-stop work. A series of small rolls are unwound and stitched together in order to have a considerable quantity of fabric to be rolled up on big batch trolleys. A good preparation is extremely important for a successful processing: for this reason, a beating device removes the larger impurities from raw fabrics and a brushing device eliminates the residual dusts. Both devices work on both sides of the fabric, with adjustable fabric incidence and are connected to vacuum hoods for the dust suction. A “J-box” accumulator allows the non-stop work. After that, the scroll rolls and the centring device ensure a perfect alignment of the fabric. At the exit, the machine is equipped with a Rolling unit with motorized roller for the formation of big rolls on trolleys. Lastly, an oscillating device moves the fabric by a few centimetres as the roll is forming, so as to prevent the constant overlaying of the selvedges. The towing rollers for the fabric transport are motor-driven and controlled by Inverters with speed and tension adjustment.
The machine has a compact design and it is easy to control and regulate.